Global Youth Initiative Week 2017

A smoker’s lung and local youth…   In ten days, it’s the Global Youth Initiative Week. This John Maxwell Team initiative means that coaches and trainers around the world go out to schools, youth organizations, community groups and clubs to bring anti-bullying awareness to children and youth. We do this […]

Their future

A Saturday with the refugees This morning I got the address to someone “up north” in the country who had furniture they were willing to give away. I had a match with a refugee family in Dudelange who needed these items. The drive was sunny and peaceful, I felt good […]

In the News

Dare to speak up! How can women entrepreneurs get more visibility in local press? How do you start saying something that you’re not really supposed to say, without risking getting in trouble, and signing the deed that guarantees the end of the dream you’re working so hard to make come […]

Her Royal Highness the Grand Duchess in the audience with ACT2exceed and Dress For Success Luxembourg

Because YOU can

How often do you reflect upon all the advantages in your life? I mean all the things we take for granted or simply consider “normal”, because we acquired these benefits with little or no effort. Such as being born in a country where there is no war, being able to […]

Shoelaces and Leadership

Can tying a shoelace have anything to do with leadership? Or becoming a better speaker? Oh yes! And in so many ways… I just came home from a two day leadership training in Antwerp, Belgium. Hundreds of coaches, speakers and trainers of the John Maxwell Team came together to learn […]

Best game in the world?

What playing a game taught me about leadership. Two months ago I invested in a game called The Leadership Game. When I first heard about it, without having seen it, I knew I wanted to work with this game, as a leadership assessment tool. I decided I wanted to get […]