Guillem Liarte

As an IT engineering team, that works mostly remotely, we needed support in areas where we were lacking expertise. It was great to meet Annica and go through the business coaching process with her. Annica helped us to find the right focus, make most of our time as a team and as individuals, and furnished us with tools that help us control and monitor crucial aspects of our business.

We were delighted with Annica’s methodology and individual approach, her structure, humanity and sense of humor, which makes every session very enjoyable.

All in, Annica has been a catalyst to our organization; now we are a stronger and more effective version of what we used to be, and have a solid road map towards greater success.

Netdevops Ltd.

Dr. Betty Uribe

Annica is the ultimate #Values-based Leader. I have had two experiences with Annica that have shown her determination for making an impact and her ability to get things done. As a jury member of the Teen Entrepreneur Academy Awards, I communicated with Annica that the two winners came from Luxembourg. As moderator and Advisor of the Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, she invited them as guest speakers, along with some of the most successful business profiles in Luxembourg, and continues to support the girls, who have become well known in Luxembourg. Annica’s determination, collaboration and excellent communication with the media, community and government leaders lead to the event being widely recognized and as result, Cheryl Schmitz and Vicki Kipulu are now in a better position to carve their future.
Immediately after the launch of my book #Values, knowing that I would be visiting the Vatican as part of my book tour, in less than one week Annica organized a speaking engagement at nyuko, where members of the national press and a diverse audience of business leaders, refugees, and students, representing 14 countries, got to attend a lecture about #Values. I was amazed at how quickly Annica was able to organize this event, and her passion for making a difference came through. The Luxemburger Wort covered the event and in a quick trip, we were able to make an impact in people’s lives from different parts of the world.

Executive Vice President California Bank & Trust, Author of #Values

The Job Tailors

The Job Tailors really enjoyed playing the Leadership Game. It is a fantastic tool. The way Annica facilitates the game makes it a very easy and natural conversation. We were skillfully guided through important topics we really needed to discuss in our professional relationship and, what is most valuable, to clarify constructive actions to take and a guideline to follow with our team.

Sincere praise is so important and can be so easily forgotten. Playing the game was a good reminder to incorporate this into our company culture: to appreciate, support and encourage our team members. Thank you for letting us experience this together.

Linda, Carolina and Sabina
The Job Tailors

Aude Lemogne

Annica totally surprised me when I recently participated as a speaker at a conference moderated by her. While the whole set-up of the conference was refreshingly unconventional, Annica navigated through the moderation combining sharp and discerning questions with a cordial lightness, that immediately diffused a very positive and receptive mood throughout the audience.

She invigorated the whole conference with this mix of energy and warmth, not shying away from disclosing appropriately personal anecdotes in the conversations with the various speakers. That gave those conversations a real sense of authenticity and even induced the speakers to speak far more freely and open-heartedly. Annica, you know how to put your speakers at ease; I wish we had more moderators like you!

Director at Link Management SARL

Johanna Bjurström

I hired Annica because I needed structure. She helped me to quickly get a clear vision of my big goals. Annica is exceptionally good at implementing a structured action plan.

Now I know exactly what my next step is, every day! She has helped me create my Health Coach Program and designed my concept into a book, which has grown my business substantially. I recommend working with Annica to anyone who is committed to turning big dreams into reality.

Health Coach

Anna Blom

Annica is an excellent coach. She understands one’s individual needs, guiding one with confidence, knowledge and integrity. She is passionate about her job and is really keen on staying on top of the latest research in her field. But most of all, I love working with Annica because she applies a holistic approach to her life that blends mind and heart together. She is not afraid of asking difficult questions that take one out of the comfort zone. Strangely enough, I feel really comfortable sometimes feeling “uncomfortable” with her. I can wholeheartedly recommend her.

Fashion journalist

Christina Henke

Annica has accelerated my progress 100fold and helped me create a life that feels like ‘ME’. I am sure that without her I would still be sitting in a 9-5 office environment dreaming of opening up my own yoga studio one day. Annica keeps me focused. I cannot value the confidence that I get by talking to her highly enough. Annica is simply the ideal coach, she is an incredibly inspiring personality and her teaching style is authentic. She is a resource full of special skills and tools that will help you propel your business forward.

Founder 36°Yoga

Alicja Jimenez

I attended an Intentional Living Mastermind for four consecutive weeks. Already after the first session I was able to pinpoint some strong points that made me realize what an impact intentional living can have. Every following week brought new memorable exchanges and I can confidently say, that since I implemented some of the tools we learned I use my time wisely and get much better results getting things done. I love Annica’s approach; it’s simple, fun and on point. I would recommend this program to everyone for business as much as for personal growth.

Nutritional Expert

Milena Takeva

Annica’s energy and competence are incredibly inspiring and she is capable of being a life saver to very troubled persons. I find in her a powerful engine that can change the self-esteem in everyone. Annica’s tools and techniques to manage our lives, however universally recognized these tools might be, are at the same time presented to the audience in a very personal and experienced way. And this is greatly appreciated!

Annica is a great, generous, fascinating and talented person. Her emotional presence is very contagious! I am incredibly changed from her workshops. A new door is open and I am so curious to look at the other side.

I am fascinated by Annica’s personal story and her strength to share it. She is a powerful source of inspiration.


Ulla Schröttle

It was a great pleasure and privilege to be part of Annica’s Mastermind group on Intentional Living. Advent was the perfect time to stop for a moment and be mindful.

Annica managed to create an atmosphere of mutual trust and openness. Under her guidance a number of perfect strangers became a supportive team of friends, going from strength to strength.

Thanks to Annica the participants received a number of useful tools to practice intentional living every single day. A truly inspiring and enriching experience!

Decluttering and Organizing Coach